By working smarter and leveraging our extensive network and experience, Apogee maximizes the value of a development—not only in terms of economics, but what it can offer to investors, businesses, residents and the community as a whole.

Our Services

Site Selection and Evaluation

One of the most critical activities necessary to achieving a successful real estate development is site selection, along with thorough due diligence. Our process identifies critical issues early and requires an objective and dispassionate evaluation of each unique real estate opportunity. Services provided include:

  • Confirmation of Current Market Conditions and Potential for Development
  • Review Current, Proposed and Potential Zoning Conditions
  • Obtain and Review Environmental Reports and Title Matters
  • Determine Utility Service Options
  • Determine Options for Profitable Development

Economic Feasibility and Development Potential

The economic feasibility of a project must be well established in order to attract investment capital. Our financial feasibility assessment of real estate opportunities help our clients test development scenarios to make highly informed investment decisions. This assessment is based on market drivers such as: absorption and pricing, operating methods and costs, estimates of total development costs and timing, financing structures, and required risk-adjusted returns on investment. Our development modeling techniques come from a combined experience of well over a half century, rooted in accounting and valuation as well as development and financing expertise. This allows us to create strategies for single and multi-use developments as well as planning projects ranging from reimagining and designing a redevelopment site to understanding the market potential for a site due to our ability to foresee entitlement probability.

We carefully vet and select project consultants, saving our clients considerable time and money throughout the development cycle. We establish realistic budgets and schedules that provide the basis for an appropriate financial evaluation of real estate opportunities. Services provided include:

  • Identify, Retain and Actively Manage the Project Consultant Team
  • Develop Preliminary and Final Budgets
  • Create Realistic and Achievable Development Schedules
  • Prepare Financial Analyses to Support Investment and Financing Decisions
  • Determine Options for Profitable Development


The ability to understand and navigate the multi-layered requirements of zoning and land use regulations and related agency policies and procedures, is critical in securing development entitlements. Apogee REP employs a strategic and comprehensive approach to land use and development entitlement permit processes. We have an extensive and proven track record of success and strive to provide clients with the most effective and efficient pathways to project approval.

Acquisition & Development

By uniquely combining institutional discipline and entrepreneurial spirit, Apogee REP approaches each acquisition and development assignment by being integrally involved in all phases of the process from opportunity identification, initial due diligence, financial analysis, evaluation and documentation to equity procurement, financing, closing, construction and operation management, marketing and ultimately re-financing or asset disposition. Apogee REP and its related entities have acquired and developed more than 10 million square feet of commercial property since its related partners' entry into development in the 1980’s.

In part, Apogee REP has achieved its success by earning the opportunity to enter into multiple joint ventures with national, regional and local investors and developers. Apogee REPs’ partners have varied from the private owner and individual investor to institutional investors, including insurance companies, pension funds and real estate investment trusts. As a result of its property development track record, Apogee Real Estate Partners offers its clients the unique benefit of managing projects with a commercial property owner’s perspective and commitment.

Financing & Investor Relations

The financial commitment of a real estate transaction or project may involve the participation of investors and lenders to achieve a successful outcome. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of budgets is critical to achieving the expected financial outcome. Services provided include:

  • Negotiating Terms and Coordinating Agreements with Joint-Venture Partners
  • Soliciting and Evaluating Commercial Financing Proposals
  • Coordinating Loan Term Negotiations with Primary and Mezzanine Lenders
  • Providing Development Progress and Operating Performance Reports to Lenders and Partners

Development and Construction Management

Many clients lack the expertise or simply choose not to staff locally for management of individual projects. Construction management services can provide a development partner with ground level “eyes and ears” to achieve a successful outcome. Services provided include:

  • Developing the Scope of Design and Construction Services
  • Qualifying and Soliciting Proposals from Architects, Engineers and General Contractors
  • Coordinating and Leading Contractual Negotiations
  • Facilitating Team Integration to Achieve Value Engineering
  • Coordinate and Document Owner, Architect and Contractor Meetings
  • Active Oversight of Construction Progress and Change Orders
  • Achieving Successful Project Close-Out and Client Acceptance
  • Financial Auditing to Ensure Contract Compliance

Operations Management

The successful operation of a real estate asset is the key to its value. This process starts at asset acquisition or upon completion of the development process. Turning over the asset to the operating management team is a critical step in unlocking a property’s cash flow potential. We ensure that the property is in a “rent or sale ready” condition when accepted and help our clients establish initial and ongoing rental rates and sales prices. We assist our clients in selecting the most qualified maintenance personnel and outside service providers to ensure that the property continues to achieve its highest rental rates and sales prices. Services provided include:

  • Coordinate and Document Project Turn-Over and Acceptance
  • Actively Manage Rental Rates, Terms and Sales Pricing
  • Oversee Lease-Up to Stabilization or Sales Close-Out
  • Develop and Oversee Preventative Maintenance Schedule
  • Develop Appropriate Operating and Capital Reserve Requirement